Rose concentrated food flavoring
Rose concentrated food flavoring

Deco Relief

Rose concentrated food flavoring

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  • The rose concentrated food flavoring will give an intense rose taste and fragrance to all your preparations: pastries, desserts, mousse, macarons,..

    Tested and approved by many French starred chefs, the ¡ŜDéco¡řRelief¡šÅrose concentrated food flavoring is a major ingredient for all your pastries and preparations.

    The liquid food flavorings allow you to save time and obtain a regular taste and aroma in all your recipes. The formula of our concentrated food flavorings is not on a sugar/water base: you don¡řt have to adjust the quantity of sugar of your recipes and it doesn¡řt change the taste of your preparations.

    Our liquid food flavorings are highly concentrated: few drops of food flavoring are sufficient to flavor your preparations.