Egg Yolk | Chilled Egg Yolk
Egg Yolk | Chilled Egg Yolk


Egg Yolk | Chilled Egg Yolk

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  • Pasteurized Yolk Mix is prepared from chicken eggs. Eggs are washed and sanitized prior to being broken. The egg yolk is separated from the egg white, is mixed with salt or sugar, and pasteurized to maintain product quality and integrity.


    Yolk Mix is a healthy alternative to breaking individual eggs.This product is a cost effective and versatile ingredient suitable for use in a wide variety of food applications.


    Salted Yolk Mix is suitable to use in salad dressings, mayonnaise, noodles and other uses where egg yolk is needed. Sugared Egg Yolks are suitable to use in eggnog, ice cream,sweet baked goods and other uses where sugared egg yolks are needed.

    1 Kg Egg yolk = 60 egg yolk

    Product of Canada