Culinary Butane Torch
Culinary Butane Torch
Culinary Butane Torch
Culinary Butane Torch


Culinary Butane Torch

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Flame Temperature:900-1,300¡Å°C

Product Dimensions 13.2cm x 6.6cm x 3.4cm

*Butane Fuel Not include¡Å

weight :153g

  • Easy to use butane torch - adjustable flame size and shape to concentrate the flame as much or as little as you need, one touch piezo ignition, and stabilizing plate for your safety
  • Kitchen torch perfect for roasting and charring vegetables, glazing ham, browning and crisping toppings, melting cheese and of course producing the sugary crust on crème brulee, meringues and pastries
  • Sous Vide Torch that adds complex flavors, and wonderful texture to perfectly finish off your steaks, fish, chicken and vegetables in just a few minutes
  • Portable torch that¡řs perfect for camping, at home, professional, culinary school, and BBQ¡řs just twist and it locks in place