Italgel fast
Italgel fast - Instant Gelatine
Italgel fast - Instant Gelatine
Italgel fast - Instant Gelatine


Italgel fast - Instant Gelatine

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  • ITALGEL FAST is a 100% natural instant gelatin powder that represents a small revolution for users in the catering and professional confectionery sectors.
    Its practicality of use has the great advantage of making it possible to create dishes with more precise doses, and¡Å giving the desired gelling effect, as well as excellent final results in terms of quality and considerable time-saving. ITALGEL FAST can be used directly in mixtures at both low and high temperature, and can also easily be premixed with other ingredients without the risk of altering the consistency and the sensorial properties of the raw materials used.¡Å
    ITALGEL FAST also makes the complicated, fiddly steps of preparation a distant memory ¡šÅsoaking the leaves in water for several minutes and then having to squeeze them, with the subsequent waste of time and the risk of not obtaining a reproducible result.¡Å Because it is a powder, problems such as¡Å those of gelatin leaves sticking together or caking the sides of the bowl and giving a final product with an undesirable consistency will no longer be an unpleasant surprise.¡Å Now professionals can improve an important part of their work simply and practically by using ITALGEL FAST.¡Å
  • ITALGEL FAST can be used either hot or cold.
    Measure out the desired quantity of ITALGEL FAST, following the usual instructions in your recipe and keeping in mind this simple parameter:
    1 measure of ITALGEL FAST = 1 gelatin leaf

    1. Mix the desired quantity of ITALGEL FAST directly into your mixture.
    2. You can now proceed with the normal hot or cold preparation indicated in your recipe, keeping in mind that if you want to obtain a transparent product (such as aspic), the mixture should be heated to a temperature of about 30-40°C.
    3. When you have completed your usual steps, the product obtained using ITALGEL FAST can be treated and will look as if you had used normal gelatin leaves.
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