Italian Flour 00   1kg


Italian Flour 00 1kg

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  • Granoro Type "00" Flour is extracted from the central part of the soft wheat grain, with a low extraction yield, which results in a better quality product. Produced from a select mixture of soft wheat, it is purposely designed for domestic use. Granoro Type ¡šÅ0¡šÅFlour is the basic ingredient recommended for preparing bread, pasta, leavened doughs for pizzas and focaccias, desserts, cakes and biscuits, delicate creams and béchamel sauces, coatings for vegetables and fish and batter for fried foods.
  • Type "00" soft wheat flour.
  • Nutritional statement Valori medi per 100g
    Energy 1425.00 kJ
    336.00 kcal
    Total Fat
    of which fatty saturated acids
    1.00 g
    0.20 g
    of which sugar
    69.80 g
    0.50 g
    Dietary Fiber 2.50 g
    Proteins 10.70 g
    Salt 0.01 g