Lievito Madre Secco | Dried Mother Yeast

Molino Rossetto

Lievito Madre Secco | Dried Mother Yeast

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The dried mother Yeast ¡Åis a¡Å¡Åyeast¡Å¡Åorigin from Italy, Lievito Madre is a natural product, a traditional italian yeast for making with Italian recipe like panettone, pizza, focaccia..

Lievito Madre¡Åis a firm sourdough starter which is widely used across Italy and favoured for both its active nature, mild flavour profile (no sour taste) and ability to leaven egg and diry-enriched doughs.

Simply add 35 g of the preparation to 500 g of flour or "0" Flour and follow the instructions of your favorite recipe for bread, pizza, focaccia, breadsticks or crackers.

Dry mother yeast is easy to use: just replace the use of normal fresh or instant yeast with this incredible yeast ... everything will be better!

Before using it, it must¡Åbe tempered with a little water that is just slightly warm¡Å.¡ÅThen, put the dried mother yeast in a bowl and add a couple of tablespoons of water so that it gets wet.¡ÅMix and let it rest for a couple of minutes¡Åthen add it to the dough.

Product weight: 100g

Product origin : Italy