Multi Purpose Sanitizing Tablets
Multi Purpose Sanitizing Tablets
Multi Purpose Sanitizing Tablets
Multi Purpose Sanitizing Tablets


Multi Purpose Sanitizing Tablets

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Multi purpose sanitizer for the food and beverage service for industry.

Sanitizing tab-Effective and convenient

Just 1 tablet per 1.5 gallon of water! Odor free, non corrosive, does not irritate the skin ! may also be applied with a clean cloth or sponge. Works great in kitchens & bathrooms! Can be sprayed on food processing equipment, sinks, Countertops, cabinets, refrigerators, stovetops, cutting boards, and all other non-porous articles and surfaces.

Ever order a beer, have that beer arrive in front of you, and see grease marks all over the side? What about a glass of wine? Ever order a pre-meal Chardonnay and see lipstick marks on the glass? Not pleasant, huh?

The scary thing is, dirty marks aren't even the worst thing that can happen when it comes to glassware, dishes, pots, pans, or even silverware. Making sure these items are restaurant clean is even more important because germs can be passed from unclean dishes. That's why we represent Glissen and their Nu-Foam Sanitizing Tablets, which are effective against a whole range of organisms including: E. coli, staph, HIV-1, listeria monocytogenes, and more.

There are many options for fighting bacteria, though, and that's what make sanitizing tablets from Nu-Foam even more important. When compared to other alternative cleaning solutions, the advantages of Nu-Foam are clear.

For Sanitizing Glassware, Dishes, Utensils, Pots, Pans, And Other Food Contact Articles And Surfaces

Odorless, Tasteless, No Spots, No Streaks

1 tablet to 1.5 gallons (5.7Ltr.) of water

100 tablets/bottle

Kills HIV-I (AIDS Virus) when used according to directions for sanitizing bar glassware.

Safety Data Sheet

Directions for use:

add 1 tablet to 1.5 gallons (5.7Ltr.) of water.¡Å

¡Åcleaning solution can use a spray bottle for cleaning countertop and table surface...

Commercial strength but also makes a great economical household sanitizer!

*A fresh sanitizing¡Åsolution¡Åmust be prepared at least daily or more often if the¡Åsolution¡Åbecomes diluted or soiled