Ready Sourdough
Ready Sourdough
Ready Sourdough
Ready Sourdough


Ready Sourdough

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  • Experienced home bakers use this sourdough product with flour.¡Å
  • Fresh baked sourdough at home,¡ÅNatural dough liquid. ¡ÅWithout starter-quick & easy.
  • no preservatives
  • no artificial ingredients
  • each bag 75g liquid sourdough¡Å
  • Made in Germany - From the german farmlands¡Å

Ingredients: Whole rye, water, sourdough culture.

Basic sourdough bread - also can do for bread machine

300 ml Water, 10 g salt, 75g(1bag) sourdough, 500 g Flour, 10 g Instant yeast

Farmer's Bread

300 mll -320ml water, 10g salt,¡Å75g(1bag) sourdough, 150g Rye flour, 300 g wheat flour, 10g Instant yeast