Resistant Glass Bowl Set
Resistant Glass Bowl Set
Resistant Glass Bowl Set


Resistant Glass Bowl Set

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  • Light and easy to hold. Convenient 4¡Åsizes.
  • Heat resistant glass so it is heated in the microwave,¡Å ¡Åeasy to pour design.
  • Nesting for compact storage. Comes with a reference scale.
  • Dish washer/dryer safe
SS size: width 86¡Åmm back Width 82¡Åmm · Height 50¡Åmm Diameter 82¡Åmm
Small: 113¡Åmm, interior 105¡Åmm, Height 60¡Åmm Diameter 105¡Åmm
Medium: Width 137¡Åmm Back Width 131¡Åmm · Height 70¡Åmm Diameter: 131¡Åmm
large: 168¡Åmm, interior 160¡Åmm, Height 80¡Åmm Diameter 160¡Åmm
  • Capacity :¡ÅSS: 100ml Small: 200ml M: 400ml L: 800ml
  • Material Glass Body: Heat-resistant glass (heat-resistant temperature difference: 120¡Å°C)
  • Country of origin: Japan