So good #16
So good #16
So good #16
So good #16
So good #16
So good #16


So good #16

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So good #16¡Å


frank haasnoot, ¡ŘI always try to use the inspiration to twist it¡šÅbr>emmanuele forcone, the golden pen
dinara kasko, when geometry is beautiful
andoni luis aduriz, surprising developments
francisco migoya, an explorer¡řs curiosity
nick muncy, artistic but realistic
michel willaume, think pastry
jean paul hévin, ¡Řjapan has made me rethink how I work, ...¡šÅbr>raúl bernal, it¡řs not only chocolate
jean-françois deguignet, savoir-faire and something else
lilian bonnefoi, dominating both worlds
naoki fujiwara, sense of season, ingredients and nara-ness
laurent jeannin, a palace¡řs pleasures
jordi guillem, by force of centrifuge
joel lindqvist, forest pastry
bachour bakery and bistro, the place
gabriele riva, out of his comfort zone
john kraus, in the name of the rose
cécile farkas, studied fantasies
julia soria, local products and argentinian diversity
yoshinari otsuka, taking pride in making patisserie française in the far east
united for knafeh, yehiye qadari & yoav deckelbaum
valerija livanova, a country¡řs pâtissier awakening
sorting out pastry