Stamp a cake - Music & Scroll Stamp
Stamp a cake - Music & Scroll Stamp

Stamp A Cake

Stamp a cake - Music & Scroll Stamp

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Create your edible delights with Stamp a Cake, the easy way to transfer gorgeous designs with edible ink onto fondant cakes, cookies and cupcakes.

Stamps are made from¡Åfood grade¡Åmaterial, and have been specifically designed for use in cake decorating.

  • Contains 2 different textured stamps (11cm x 11cm).

1.Remove the stamp and stick by using Acrylic stamp Holder.¡Å

2. Pour Cake Stamp Edible Ink into Ink Tray.

3. Roll Edible ink with Roller on ink tray.

4. Roll lightly over the stamp.

5. Press lightly onto your rolled fondant or Icing sheet.

¡ÅApply stamp designs to your edible treats using¡ÅStamp a Cake's inks,¡Åspecially formulated to work with the stamps¡Å(note - regular gel pastes and other colours will not work) and the easy to use¡ÅStamp a Cake Edible Ink Roller¡Åand¡ÅAcrylic Stamp Holder.¡Å

  • Stamps are firmly adhered to the backing sheet initially. Remove with firm pulls, it will not damage the stamp.
  • If stamp lose their¡Åadherence properties, wash well in detergent and allow to dry.
  • Keep stamps stored on backing sheets for longer life and easy storage.
  • Stamp a Cake stamps and inks are food safe.¡Å